Welcome to A&B Dance Dimensions
Welcome to A&B Dance Dimensions

Make Up Classes 2019-20

Consistent attendance is necessary to excel in dance.  Make up classes for absences are available and STRONGLY encouraged.   Please see list of make up class options below. 


Make up classes:

Creative Movement – any other section of Creative Movement.


Preballet/Jazz – any other section of Preballet/Jazz or Creative Movement.


Ballet White: make up in Ballet Red (Wed 7-8 pm)

Ballet Red: make up in Ballet White (Tuesday 6-7 pm)

Ballet Pink: make up in Ballet Yellow (Tuesday 6-7 pm)

Ballet Yellow: make up in Ballet Purple (Tuesday 7-8 pm)

Ballet Purple: make up in Prepointe (Wednesday 7-8 pm)


Prepointe: Make up in Pointe 1/2 (Tuesday or Wednesday 4:30-6 pm)

Pointe 1/2: Make up in Pointe 3 (Monday or Thursday 4:30-6 pm)

Pointe 3: make up in Pointe 1/2 (Tuesday or Wednesday 4:30-6 pm)

Conservatory Pointe: make up in Pointe 1/2 (Tuesday or Wednesday 4:30-6 pm)


Jazz White:  make up in Jazz Red (Thursday 4-5 pm)

Jazz Red: make up in Jazz White (Thursday 6-7 pm)

Jazz Yellow: make up in Jazz Orange (Monday 4-5 pm)

Jazz Orange: make up in Jazz Yellow (Wednesday 5-6 pm)

Jazz Green: make up in Jazz Blue (Thursday 7-8 pm)

Jazz Blue: make up in Jazz Green (Tuesday 5-6 pm)

Jazz Purple: make up in Conservatory Jazz (Monday 7-8 pm)

Conservatory Jazz:  make up in Jazz Purple (Thursday 7-8 pm) or Pointe 1/2 or Pointe 3


Tap White: make up in Tap Yellow (Monday 5-6 pm)

Tap Yellow: make up in Tap White (Tuesday 4-5 pm)

Tap Pink: make up in Tap Blue (Monday 6-7 pm)

Tap Blue: make up in Tap Pink (Thursday 5-6 pm) or Tap Yellow (Monday 5-6 pm)

Tap Purple: make up in Pointe 1/2, Pointe 3 or The Wow Factor. 


Modern Pink: Make up in Modern Green (Thursday 5-6 pm)

Modern Green: Make up in Modern Pink (Wednesday 4-5 pm)

Modern Purple: Make up in Conservatory Modern (Thursday 7-8 pm)

Conservatory Modern: Make up in Modern Purple (Tuesday 6-7 pm)


Hip Hop - any hip hop  class 1 level above or 1 level below dancer's current class. 


Boy's Technique/The WOW Factor – see instructor for class make up options


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