Welcome to A&B Dance Dimensions
Welcome to A&B Dance Dimensions

Make Up Classes

Practice and repetition is important to dance progression and advancement therefore dancers are encouraged to attend each scheduled class.  Make up classes are available for unavoidable absences.  Please see list below for make up class assignments.   Check class schedule for make up class times.  



Class Assigned Make Up Available in
Creative Movement A Creative Movement B or C
Creative Movement B

Creative Movement A or C

Creative Movement C

Creative Movement A or B

Preballet/Jazz A Preballet/Jazz B
Preballet/Jazz B Preballet/Jazz A
Ballet Blue Preballet/Jazz A or B or  Ballet Orange
Ballet Orange Ballet Blue or Ballet Purple
Ballet Purple Ballet Orange or Prepointe
Prepointe Ballet Purple or Pointe 1/2 (on flat)
Pointe 1/2 Prepointe or Pointe 3
Pointe 3 Pointe 1/2 or Pointe 4
Pointe 4 Pointe 3 or Conservatory Pointe
Conservatory Pointe Pointe 1/2 or Pointe 3
Hip Hop 1 Hip Hop 2/3
Hip Hop 2/3  Hip Hop 1 or Hip Hop 4/5
Hip Hop 4/5 Hip Hop 23/ or Conservatory Hip Hop
Jazz Green Jazz Pink
Jazz Pink Jazz Green or Jazz Silver
Jazz Silver  Jazz Pink or Jazz Gold
Jazz Gold Jazz Silver or Jazz Blue
Jazz Blue Jazz Gold or Conservatory Jazz
Conservatory Jazz Jazz Blue
Tap Yellow Tap Purple
Tap Purple Tap Yellow or Tap Gold
Tap Gold Tap Purple or Tap Red
Tap Red Tap Gold or Tap Blue
Tap Blue Tap Red or Conservatory Tap
Conservatory Tap Tap Blue
Boys Tech  *please email for options
Modern Peach Modern Silver
Modern Silver Modern Peach or Modern Violet
Modern Violet Modern Silver or Conservatory Modern
Conservatory Modern  Modern Violet
Comp Team Prep *please email for options

Current Announcements:


Acrodance focuses on strength, balance along with SAFELY mastering flexibility and acrobatic skills.  A&B Dance is a certified Acrobatic Arts studio.  This class is currently open to A&B Dance Competition Team members.  More classes coming soon!

2022-23 registration is open!   Registration is available online through our dance online portal at  https://dancestudio-pro.com/online/abdance.  Please feel free to contact us at abdancedimensions@yahoo.com with questions or to confirm class placements.  

Please see our Safety info and updated policies and procedures listed under the "About Us" tab. 

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