Welcome to A&B Dance Dimensions
Welcome to A&B Dance Dimensions

The Conservatory Classes at A&B Dance

Conservatory classes are designed for advanced students who desire a more challenging dance curriculum.  Focus is on technique, dance history, improv and showmanship in addition to an overall love of dance. 

Conservatory classes are fast paced and require each dancer to be highly motivated for personal improvement.  Socializing during classes must be kept to a minimum.    

In addition to knowledge of advanced dance terminology and technique, dance education also teaches discipline, focus and an ability to use constructive criticism as a tool for improvement. 

Adherence to all dress codes and proper class etiquette is expected at all times.

Admission to The Conservatory 

 Admission to the Conservatory is by invitation or audition only.  Students must take Prepointe / Pointe classes in order to participate in other conservatory classes. 




Due to the pace and rigor of these classes, exceptional attendance is required.  While occasional illnesses and absences are expected, poor attendance and tardiness will not be tolerated.  Dancers are expected to attend at least 90% of scheduled classes in order to continue in the Conservatory.  Dancers who cannot commit to this level of attendance are welcome to attend another ballet, jazz, tap, modern or hip hop class to better fit their schedule.


Conservatory Skills


While there is no specific exam to place into conservatory classes, the following technique elements are important for admission and are the continued focus of conservatory classes. 


1. Control of pirouettes, advanced turns.

2. Safe flexibility including front extension, arabesque, splits. 

3. Ability to show expression through face and body movements.  

4. Ability to learn and clean choreography quickly. 

5. Ability to take constructive criticism and apply it at an advanced level. 

6. Ability to recognize and correct technique issues.

7. Ability to deliver full energy and focus into every class.

8. Ability to hear and interpret music and express emotions through movement. 

Current Announcements:

ONLINE REGISTRATION now available at https://dancestudio-pro.com/online/abdance


Now registering for Fall and Winter classes!


A & B Dance Dimensions is again offering a class specifically for children under the age of 18 who have special needs or disabilities. This class provides an opportunity for students to attend weekly classes to explore movement and imagery in a creative setting. Students will also have the option to perform in the studio’s annual spring recital. Please spread the word!

DATE CHANGE - NO CLASSES 10/31/19: Please note that there will be no classes held Thurs, Oct 31 due to Trick or Treat in Waynesboro.  Sorry for any confusion.  Date was changed by the Borough after our papers were printed.  

A&B Dance Receptionist:  Please help us welcome Naomi as our new receptionist.  As a dance, Nutcracker and Competition mom, she has LOTS of experience in the dance field.  She will be available at the studio most Mondays - Thursdays between 4:30-7:30 pm.  Please feel free to see her to pick up preordered DVDs, 2019 recital photos, shoes that have been ordered along with purchasing ballet belts.  She can also fit shoes that need ordered, answer questions, give tuition balances and help with online tuition payments.  

No Classes 11/25/19-11/28/19:  Please note that there will be no classes held Mon, 11/25 – Thurs, 11/28 due to Thanksgiving. 

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