Welcome to A&B Dance Dimensions
Welcome to A&B Dance Dimensions

Classes Available


*Creative Movement is a 45 minute introductory class for 4 and 5 year old students.  It is designed to develop a love of movement and basic dance skills.  


*Pre-Ballet / Jazz is a 50 minute beginner class for 6 year old students to develop body awareness and learn basic dance terms.  Basic ballet and jazz technique is taught.  


*Ballet is offered to students 7 years of age and older.  Theses 50 minute classes focus on classical ballet technique and overall dance appreciation.  


*Pointe I, Pointe II, Pointe III, Pre-pointe are 60 or 75 minute ballet classes that meet twice a week.  Theses classes focus on classical ballet technique and lyrical dance training.  Classes are designed for advanced ballet students and are open to students by invitation or audition only.  Students must attend both classes each week.  


*Conservatory Pointe is a 50 minute class for advanced pointe students.  This class is open by invitation or audition only.  


*Tap is offered to students 7 years of age and older.  Theses 50 minute classes focus on Basic tap steps and developing rhythm.  


*Jazz is offered to students entering 2nd grade and higher.  These 50 minute classes incorporate popular dance, Broadway dance and concert jazz dance techniques into one fast paced class.  


*Modern is offered to students entering 6th grade and higher.  These 50 minute classes focus on using the power of core muscles on and off center along with releases, contractions and suspensions in a free moving dance style.    


*Hip Hop is offered to students entering 4th grade and higher.  These 50 minute classes combine modern, funky movements with the popular hip hop music of today.  


Conservatory Classes are designed for advanced students who desire a challenging dance curriculum.  Focus in on technique in addition to overall love of dance.  See The Conservatory brochure and tab for more info.    


Boys Technique is offered now exclusively for male dancers age 7+ to work on skills and enjoy dance is a boys only environment.  

Current Announcements:

Summer class registration will be open 5/13/22.    Registration will be available online only through our parent portal at  https://dancestudio-pro.com/online/abdance.  Please feel free to contact us at abdancedimensions@yahoo.com with questions or to confirm class placements.  

Please see our Safety info and updated policies and procedures listed under the "About Us" tab. 

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